Safésha hand sanitizer was created to fill a special need in your life—the need for a clean, natural, wonderfully scented hand sanitizer that doesn’t dry out your skin. Safésha is made from the best ingredients nature has to offer and conveniently dispenses from an attractive, portable tube—ready when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.

Nature’s Hand Sanitizer

Our philosophy is simple: nature knows best.  If nature made a hand sanitizer, it would resemble Safésha. From the outset, our goal was simple: trust nature. What does this mean to you? It means a simple, clean, moisturizing formula that feels great and never leaves your skin feeling dry. It means having the confidence in knowing you are doing your body right.


The wonderful thing about nature is that, there are no secrets. There is no proprietary ingredient in our formula. No hidden agenda. Safésha hand sanitizer has a special ingredient that is a natural moisturizer and cleanser: olive oil. It’s one of the reasons Safésha feels so good when it goes on and it’s one of the reasons it feels so good afterward. It will keep you reaching for that convenient little tube time and time again.  This sanitizer has a dual purpose—to moisturize and sanitize simultaneously.  

About Founder Sylvia Andrews

Sylvia Andrews is a serial entrepreneur, proud mother, and founder of the Safésha company and product line.

She first became interested in natural and green products over a decade ago, while running a janitorial company. Concerned that the chemicals she was using were harming her health and that of her customers, she began researching and testing the effectiveness of alternative products. Eventually, she developed a partnership with a local Minnesotan company to use and promote their natural products to her customers.

However, she quickly realized that there were no natural, moisturizing hand sanitizers available. Disliking the runny texture of commercial sanitizers and how they left her hands feeling dry and rough, she began researching ingredients and formulas to create a natural alternative that both sanitized and acted as a lotion.

Years of research and product development culminated in the release of Safésha’s natural, moisturizing hand sanitizer.

Before launching Safésha, Andrews graduated from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina, with a degree in Business Administration. After college she went to work for John Deere, and later, Lawson Associates. From there, she went directly into the insurance industry for 25 years, working her way up from field agent to District Manager and later, a Regional Sales Manager. She eventually found herself wanting more flexibility and independence to raise her two children, and consequently launched her janitorial company.

She considers Safésha to be a manifestation of her deep commitment to a healthy, values-oriented, environmentally conscious lifestyle, and is fiercely proud of having turned her dream into a tangible product.

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